Milwaukee Police Officer Struck by Fleeing Vehicle

Milwaukee Police say an officer was clipped by a vehicle Saturday morning when that suspect fled a traffic scene near Villard and 32nd.

According to the department, a group of officers were on foot patrol when they saw a firearm in a vehicle and attempted to speak to the occupant.

That's when police say the driver took off toward the officer, striking him near the vehicle.

A second officer fired his gun at the driver, according to the department, which has not released information on whether that suspect was hit. 

It happened outside the "Onyx" night-club, where neighbors say closing time often ends with altercations.

     "Weekends, it's like tuck and roll," said one neighbor. "It's not a bell or alarm that's waking you up, it's boom boom boom."

Saturday afternoon, crime tape was left discarded near the intersection. Neighbors were surprised to hear the suspect had driven his car toward an officer.

     "If the police not safe, we not safe," said one neighbor. "So who's gonna stop it?" 

The officer did not require medical attention. 

Later that morning, officers found that vehicle near 91st Street and Bradley Road, roughly 6 miles from the initial scene.

A male person of interest was taken into custody, according to police. 

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