Milwaukee's tow policy goes into effect in effort to fight against reckless driving

NOW: Milwaukee’s tow policy goes into effect in effort to fight against reckless driving

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It's a major push to curb reckless driving in Milwaukee. Sunday, May 1, marked the launch of a new towing policy in the city of Milwaukee. It's the city's latest attempt to fight against reckless driving. 

"I want reckless drivers to stop and I want them to think twice about what they're doing, the way they are driving," Mayor Cavalier Johnson said.

Mayor Johnson and Police Chief Jeffrey Norman announcing the beginning of the city's new to policy Monday morning, May 2.

Milwaukee police are now allowed to tow unregistered car engaged in: 

  • Reckless Driving
  • Excessive Speeding (25 MPH+)
  • Fleeing from Officers
  • Drag Racing

Vehicles will be towed to the city's lot on Lincoln Avenue. 

The Fire and Police Commission approved the plan February. 

"We've got selfish, inconsiderate drivers who are careening around traffic, in and out of lanes, no respect for pedestrians, no respect for bicyclists, no respect for the cars that are around them," Mayor Johnson said. 

Chief Norman says this initiative is giving community members hope.

"In response to the public requesting more efforts for reckless driving, this is another tool"

It's also best to never loan your car to irresponsible drivers. Milwaukee police say the owners will be responsible for their behavior.

"Understand who you're loaning your car out to. it's important to understand that the responsibility is on you, just as well as the one driving your car," Chief Norman said.

At least seven cars have been towed as a result of the policy since the initiative started. Each vehicle had either expired, suspended or no registration. Multiple drivers had suspended driver’s licenses. The speeds ranged from 27 mph over to 37 mph over the posted speed limit. As a result of one of the seven tows, a large quantity of illegal drugs and a firearm were recovered from that vehicle. Charges are pending. 

"We are receiving results under this new policy," Chief Norman said. 

Your car can only be released if charges are paid, you register the car and show a valid driver's license. If you car is stolen and towed, you will be responsible for those fees.

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