Milwaukee police increasing patrols in August

Milwaukee-- When it comes to tackling violence in the City of Milwaukee, two very high profile voices have very different views on how to get a lid on it and avoid a repeat of the deadly August we experienced last year.  \"We had 20 homicides last August, 18 of those were African-American men.  And so what we are going to be doing this year is we are going to be very pro-active,\" Mayor Tom Barrett said Monday. 

Barrett says through increased overtime, police officers will increase patrols in the city's high crime neighborhoods during the month of August.  \"I met with the Chief on Friday and we discussed this.  And he understands and I understand how important it is to have that strong presence, because every single neighborhood in this city deserves to be be a safe neighborhood.\"

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says a short-term crackdown isn't the answer to reducing violence in Milwaukee.  \"This wack-a-mole strategy of increasing police presence only after a high profile incident occurs to give the appearance that something will be done or to leave after a few days ,allows the criminals to return and once again dominate the neighborhood.\"

Sheriff Clarke outlined a 7-point plan that includes hiring 300-500 police officers and 250 deputies over the next several years, cracking down on prostitution, vandalism and other quality of life crimes, and prosecuting more gun crimes at the federal level.  \"Criminals fear federal prosecution.  They laugh at Milwaukee County Circuit Court\" Clarke said during a Monday news conference that lasted about an hour.     He will face off against democratic challenger and veteran Milwaukee Police Lieutenant Chris Moews in the August 12th primary. 


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