Milwaukee Police hand out awards for merit

MILWAUKEE-It was a stirring scene at the Police Academy Wednesday night as the Milwaukee Police Department handed out awards of merit to nearly 90 officers.

Officer Eric Magee and his 11 year old son were among the honorees.

It was last November when they helped a barber who had been shot during a robbery.

Officer Magee who was off duty, handed over his i-pad to the suspect.

Investigators later tracked the device and made the arrest.

Officer Magee says it just goes to show crime can happen to anyone at any time.

He says it was difficult, the assailant at one point pointing a gun at his son, but the young man was calm in the face of danger.

\"It feels good to be honored,\" Officer Magee told CBS 58. \"It's more for my son. He's the big hero here.\"

15 civilians also were recognized for heroic efforts to assist those in need and make the community safer.

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