Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn Says Officers "Walk a Tightrope" When Dealing with Armed Demonstrators

"As happens all too often, our officers are placed squarely in the middle, walking a tightrope between requirements of law and their responsibility to keep people safe."

That's how Milwaukee's Police Chief characterized what his officers faced when dealing with armed Black Panther Protesters earlier this year.

"It's a hard job. Characters like this don't make our jobs any easier."

The statements were made during an interview with CBS 58's Michele McCormack back on February 3rd.

They took on new meaning on the 15th when the  "Revolutionary Black Panther Party" announced that it was planning to file suit over harassment by law enforcement.

The potential suit stems from an incident in late December when members of the party claim a police officer injured a young girl.

MPD was not available as of 4 p.m. to comment specifically on the demonstrators' latest claim.

Chief Flynn said he was aware of concerns about the marchers carrying long guns in the street in the February 3rd interview with CBS 58 News.

He says if people are concerned with that, then there need to be changes made to current Wisconsin concealed carry laws.

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