Milwaukee Police Association endorses Donovan for mayor

The Milwaukee Police Association is backing Alderman Bob Donovan for mayor. Union leadership held a press conference with Donovan Wednesday afternoon.

Union president Mike Crivello said, "Alderman Donovan knows that public safety is the cornerstone from which all other city successes are built upon."

Crivello says the Milwaukee Police Department needs at least 200 additional officers in order to properly keep the city safe.

Adding police officer is one of Donovan's campaign promises, Wednesday he said, "We do indeed need the appropriate level of police presence and the appropriate number of officers to provide that presence."

The Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association endorsed Alderman Joe Davis for mayor last month.

There are seven candidates filed for the February 16th primary, including incumbent Tom Barrett.

Through email, a Barrett campaign spokesperson said in part, "...the Mayor has been hard at work to improve public safety. In fact, over 60% of the city's budget is committed to public safety."

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