Milwaukee organization offers rides to the polls for the physically disabled

NOW: Milwaukee organization offers rides to the polls for the physically disabled

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee organization, Souls to the Polls, is offering those with physical disabilities and anyone in need of a ride to the polls. This comes after new State Supreme Court laws have made it mandatory that every ballot be physically dropped off to the voting box or mailed personally by the voter. This new rule has created a voting barrier for those facing mobility challenges.

"It was more like an obligation.. I had to go and vote as a family, that's what we did," said Linda Quary, a 72-year-old voter.

Every step for Quary is a battle but it's not stopping her from practicing her right to vote. She's been doing so since she was legally allowed to. Quary suffers from multiple mobility challenges, like arthritis, which has affected how much she can walk.

On Thursday, March 31, Souls to the Polls founder Rev. Gregory Lewis drove Quary to cast her ballot. His group has been driving virtually anyone through transportation to cast their vote. He said his community already has a low voter turnout, the ones that are affected by the Supreme Court ruling are the ones that do vote.

"Most of the folks in black and brown communities, the older the elderly are the voters," said Rev. Lewis.

The State Supreme Court ruled to ban unmanned ballot drop boxes. The City of Milwaukee is providing nine locations around the city with staffed boxes and a drive-up option to drop off or fill out an early ballot. Voters can request roadside assistance to do either.

"The election committee wants to make sure the voting remains easy and accessible for city of Milwaukee voters so with some of the changes in election laws, restrictions due to court decisions, it's very important to us that we continue to reach voters whereever they are," said Claire Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Election Commission for the City of Milwaukee.

Rev Lewis said he thinks it’s a ploy to purposefully make voting harder.

"See this isn't checkers, its chess. It's called suppression," said Rev. Lewis.

Souls to the Polls said they will be ready and available for anyone in need of a ride to the polls. For help, you can reach them at 414-383-1821.

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