Milwaukee officials say city's parking app hack is resolved

NOW: Milwaukee officials say city’s parking app hack is resolved

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- The Milwaukee Public Works Committee held a meeting to discuss the recent hacking of the MKE Park app on Wednesday, May 12.

The app provides people a way to pay for meter parking directly from their smartphone. In March the Department of Public Works (DPW) says the app's owner, Parkmobile, reported the software hack. 

Users' license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, and in some instances, mailing addresses, were accessed by the hackers. 

"They have resolved anything related to the hack. It affected all 20 million plus other users nationwide of which we have a little over 600,000 user accounts historically in the city of Milwaukee. So those were all impacted by that," Parking Operations Manager for DPW Thomas Woznick said. 

DPW officials say the app was hacked from a weak third party software, which has since been fixed. They say more safety precautions are being put into place to prevent someone from hacking the app again. 

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