Milwaukee Mother Watches Thief Steal Son's Bicycle

A Milwaukee mother is wondering why someone would be bold enough to steal her seven year old son's bicycle. It happened Wednesday afternoon at Kilbourn Park on East Meinecke Avenue in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Moriah Kozinski says she and her son were playing tag and noticed the thief walking near the bike, but never thought he'd be brazen enough to get on and take off with it.

"I ran immediately after him and I was like, hey, what are you doing? And he kept going and I was like you're stealing from a seven year old, just drop the bike, and he just went faster and faster," Moriah said.

Now, her son, Cody, is trying to figure out what he's going to do for the rest of the summer without a set of wheels.

"I don't know, cuz it's harder to get over here because with my bike I would get here faster. now, I just walked, and walk," he said.

They think the thief is 12 or 13 years old and was wearing a blue shirt when it was stolen.

"You don't want them to see that stuff by seven, we see enough as adults, kids should be able to be shielded from that a little bit," Moriah said.

Moriah phoned it in to police, hoping that'll do something. Cody is just going to spend the rest of the summer on the swings to pass the time. He misses his bike, a lot.

"It was my favorite bike in the world," Cody said.

They were told police will step up patrols in the area, but since his mother posted the picture on Facebook, people have stepped up to help including offering a new bike for Cody.

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