Milwaukee Mayor Barrett unveils new hotline to combat gun violence

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says 30 children have been shot in his city during 2014. He's hoping a phone call to his new confidential gun hotline will help cut down on gun violence.

Mayor Barrett wants everyone to know that Milwaukeeans mean business when it comes to stopping shootings like the one where an 11-year-old was shot during an armed robbery. Mayor Barrett says, \"This is the insane use of guns by people trying to be tough.\"

The mayor is asking for citizens to help cut down on gun violence in the city by calling 414-335-4867(GUNS). The hotline is designed for people to leave a message about where police can find guns.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan continues to ask the mayor a concrete plan for public safety. Mayor Barrett says he's meeting with everyone he can from law enforcement to church leaders.

Reverend Kevin Kohlmeier is calling on all church leaders to start engaging the youth of Milwaukee, and not just on Sundays. \"Our young children are being shot and they are dying out here and that needs to be addressed,\" says Kohlmeier.

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