Milwaukee Man who Served in Civil War Receives a Headstone

Thanks to the help of the Milwaukee Civil War Re-enactment Group a veteran now has a headstone to mark his grave and service to country.

It has been over 100 years since the civil war ended, but here at Forest Home Cemetery.

There are 150 graves still unmarked.

It was a surprising find for historian Margaret Berres.

She combed over a 1,000 Civil War grave sites at Milwaukee's Forest Home Cemetery

“During that time we also came up with 150 in unmarked graves, we were shocked. And anyone that we tell is shocked,” said Berres. “It bothered us so, that we approached the office of Forest Home, and they were willing to work with us.”

This was a five year effort has brought 46 new headstones to this cemetery.

On Memorial Day, they added number 47.

A brand new headstone now marks the burial plot for William Reed.

Reed was a Milwaukee man who served in Company F.

That Company had a special connection to a group of Civil War re-enactors in Milwaukee.

The government does cover the cost of part of these headstones, but the historians need to raise $175 for each remaining grave to be marked.

The group is hoping to mark every last one here - even if it takes years. 

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