Milwaukee man Wes Tank turns viral fame into 'StoryRaps'

NOW: Milwaukee man Wes Tank turns viral fame into ’StoryRaps’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee resident Wes Tank found a viral hit while rapping Dr. Seuss books over Dr. Dre beats and he's turned those millions of views into a new show on Kidoodle.TV called, 'Story Raps'.

"This company from Canada called Kidoodle reached out." Tank said. "I just immediately felt a good affinity with them. They're all about safe streaming. For kids to have screen time that is safe."

Tank couldn't continue to do is Dr. Seuss raps on KidoodleTV because those are copyrighted works so he turned to classic stories and fairy tales in the public domain. His first, The Three Little Pigs, is available on his YouTube page now with five more on the KidoodleTV app.

"I write raps. I rap originals. So, I was like, I'm just gonna write these things. I'm just going to re-write all of these old stories and turn them into something new and make it fun." said Tank.

Tank and his team needed to create books and beats from scratch.

"I would write the story." said Tank. "Carol Brandt would draw the pictures. Lydia Ravenwood would lay them out. Then Kurt Ravenwood, who is also the producer, would do after effects and animate everything. So essentially, since we didn't have a Dr. Seuss book to go off of, we made our own book and we just animate that."

All three of them are from the Milwaukee area as are the artists responsible for the music.

Tank says KidoodleTV is available all over the world for most devices including smart phones, tablets, Roku and Amazon Firestick.

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