Milwaukee man shot 80 times, killed near 19th and Lincoln; suspect charged

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man is charged with homicide after prosecutors say he shot a man 80 times, killing him. 

The shooting happened in the early morning hours of May 15, near 19th and Lincoln. 

According to a criminal complaint, one witness reported seeing a suspect run toward a vehicle and begin shooting at it, first on one side, then on the next. Another witness told investigators they saw the suspect shooting at the vehicle, and reload a second magazine in between some of the shots. 

The complaint says a victim, identified as 28-year-old Juan Estela Ortiz, died from 80 gunshot wounds. 

Investigators noted at least 42 bullet strikes into the car and recovered 48 9mm casings surrounding the vehicle. They noted the bullet strike number was only a minimum. 

According to the complaint, investigators reviewed surveillance footage from the night of the shooting that showed a maroon Ford Ranger circling the block. A suspect was seen coming from the direction of the truck and approached the victim. Around the same time, the Shotspotter system detected a significant amount of gunfire at the same location. 

On June 1, police observed the same maroon Ford Ranger at a gas station near 12th and Lincoln. Officials say the driver -- identified as Jose Davila-Gali -- appeared to notice the officers watching him. Officials say Davila-Gali drove away in the Ford Ranger at a high rate of speed and officers followed. 

According to the complaint, officers attempted to catch up to the Ford to conduct a traffic stop but Davila-Gali drove erratically through stop signs and increased speeds. A chase ensued, lasting about two miles. During the chase, officials say Davila-Gali disregarded a total of 12 different stop signs, one red light, and nearly struck three pedestrians.

Near 17th and Becher, the complaint says the chase came to an end. Davila-Gali surrendered and was taken into custody, as well as his pregnant front seat passenger. 

Investigators say following the chase, the front seat passenger walked away toward a garage carrying a blanket, and then crouched down. The passenger, according to the complaint, admitted she had a firearm in her purse which she had placed on top of the blanket. A G3 9X19 handgun was found, along with an extended magazine containing 33 unfired cartridges. The Ford was also revealed to be stolen on May 7. 

Prosecutors say ballistic evidence determined the 9mm handgun matched the casings to the 48 recovered at the scene of the shooting. 

Davila-Gali was interviewed, and prosecutors say he admitted he had been driving the Ford Ranger, claiming at the time of the chase he was taking his pregnant wife to get something to eat when he noticed police following him, so he "freaked out" and fled. Davila-Gali told investigators he realized at the same time there was a gun under the seat. 

The complaint says investigators searched the passenger's cellphone, as well as another phone recovered from the truck. The phones allegedly contained photos and videos of Davila-Gali with the gun inside the truck, as well as the truck in a garage the day after it was reported stolen. 

According to the complaint, Davila-Gali claimed he had never driven the truck previously, and he didn't know it was stolen but he had to start it with a screwdriver. 

Prosecutors say Davila-Gali first claimed someone lent the Ford to him to do minor repairs on the lights and wash it. He later claimed according to the complaint, a man he only knew by first name met him on May 14, and asked to borrow his truck and his firearm, which he gave the man. Davila-Gali allegedly claimed the man returned the truck and firearm May 15, "maybe in the morning." 

Davila-Gali has been charged with one count of first degree intentional homicide. He made his initial court appearance on June 7, where a judge set his bond at $750,000. 

He's due back in court for a preliminary hearing on June 16. 

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