Milwaukee man sentenced to jail for attacking George Webb restaurant employee

NOW: Milwaukee man sentenced to jail for attacking George Webb restaurant employee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Raphael Calhoun, 28, of Milwaukee has been sentenced to jail for viciously assaulting a George Webb restaurant employee.

The incident happened in June of 2018 at the George Webb restaurant near 21st and Mitchell.

It was caught on surveillance camera.

The prosecution says the attack was ridiculous and unprovoked, and that Calhoun became angry because he felt it was taking too long to prepare his food.

Calhoun walked into the kitchen and approached the two female workers. In the video, he’s seen throwing a punch at the cook, who nearly falls onto the grill.

The other worker, who has a concealed carry permit, pulled out her gun and he backed off.

The woman who was assaulted suffered a severe concussion.

Calhoun previously plead guilty to substantial battery, intended bodily harm.

In court, the defense explained the workers yelled and made negative remarks towards Calhoun.

Judge David Hansher questioned him about it. “Does that give you right to go back there and just slug them? I saw the video tape…you just slugged this woman right in the face,” he said.

The defense pushed for a more lenient punishment of six months in jail, followed by probation. 

Judge Hansher, however, sentenced Calhoun to the maximum -- a year and a half in jail, and two years of extended supervision.

Calhoun apologized for his actions. “I didn’t expect for it to go that way. It just got a little out of hand, but I really apologize to the victim.”

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