Milwaukee man finds help at warming shelter, might volunteer to help

MILWAUKEE -- \"It's bad out there.\"

Zachary Isaacson made his way to Desatar Ministry early Tuesday morning looking for some food and shelter. 

\"I got caught up talking to everybody here,\" Isaacson said.

He stayed longer than he initially thought.

\"I think now that I decided to come today that I'll start being more involved with this Church now.\"

Seeing how the church opened its doors to anyone during the cold weather made him realize he could help too.

\"There still is people sleeping outside. At least they can help a few of these people.\"

He plans to attend services at the church now.

\"I kind of feel like I relate to some of them.\"

Pastor Luis Vergara can't believe the community support.

\"It's been really great,\" Vergara said.  \"People are just open-hearted. They want to share with the community members, our guests that are here staying warm, it's been great.\"

\"I'm homeless but I'm blessed,\" Walter Smith said.

Smith has been homeless for 15 years.  He's seen a lot of shelters but thinks this one is helping for the right reasons.

\"This place just shows that you're human, you don't put a human being outside like a dog when it's cold like this.\"

Desatar Ministry will stay open until at least noon on Wednesday. 

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