Milwaukee man faces charges for up-skirting in Wauwatosa office building

Trips to the bathroom will be different for Jasmine Williams, now that she's heard Wauwatosa Police are investigating a case of up-skirting inside an office building across from Mayfair Mall where she does business.

"Yeah I've heard of it on TV, not in real life," she said. "So yeah, that's really scary."

Timothy Russo, 49, told police his urges were back and they were strong. So he went to the restrooms on the third, fourth and fifth floors, hiding inside the handicap stall.

Victims said Russo would lie on the floor, slide his head under the stall divider and look up at them sitting on the toilet. Russo said he would masturbate.

"It's very disturbing, especially as a woman," Williams said. "You take pride in that type of stuff and to hear that, it's kind of sickening. Very sickening actually."

Late last month, investigators said Russo came back, but this time under the watch of increased security.

A guard immediately called police, who found Russo in the woman's bathroom Russo claimed he didn't realize where he was and came out the bathroom putting his pants and belt back on. He was then arrested.

"Wow, wow, that's crazy," said Williams.

Russo has a lengthy criminal history. Police said the first of the up-skirting crimes happened just three months after Russo got out of prison last year.

He's facing several charges, but again, is not in custody.

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