Milwaukee man competes on Jeopardy Tuesday

NOW: Milwaukee man competes on Jeopardy Tuesday

LOS ANGELES, Ca. -- (CBS 58) The coronavirus may have postponed the taping of "Jeopardy!" but new episodes will continue to air for the next few months on CBS 58 every weeknight at 6 p.m. 

Tuesday, Nick Klotz of Milwaukee will compete on America's favorite quiz show. 

CBS 58 caught up with him on taping day last January.  

"I’m nervous right now, but I’m excited," he said.

For hundreds of thousands of hopefuls, the road to get to the Jeopardy stage can be a long one.

"I’ve taken the test for the past six years now," Klotz said.

Klotz is a financial analyst and a sponge for knowledge. 

"I’ve always been a constant learner," he said.

CBS 58 first introduced you to him back when he auditioned in Milwaukee last November. Back then, he was just a "Jeopardy!" fan with a dream to win big. 

"A lot of people said, 'I’ll pay down my debt, I’ll travel,' Klotz said back in November. "I tried to go with something different. I said I was going to get some new golf clubs and take some golf lessons so I can beat my future father in law."

After six years of tests, that was his first time auditioning for the show.

"There’s so many people that take the test and like I said, just to get the chance to audition I was excited," he said.

But his excitement didn't stop there. He got the call to go to Los Angeles. 

"I freaked out," Klotz laughed. "I was at work and I was so nervous that I forgot my social security number, but yeah I was thrilled."

Klotz was finally getting his chance to live out a life-long dream.

"I watch the show every night and I mean just the chance to be on stage is it’s indescribable," he said.

But before he gets his time in the actual spotlight, all contestants go through a practice round just to get a feel for how things go, and as many contestants say, being on the "Jeopardy!" stage is much different than watching the show on TV.

"Much more nerve-racking, but the whole contestant coordinator crew was very good at trying to get us to calm down and just have fun," Klotz said.

Klotz also came prepared. 

"I studied a little bit," he said. "I brushed up on some subjects that I wasn’t super solid - opera and musicals. I think probably history and geography I feel pretty good about."

Tuesday night will be the true test.

"Whatever happens, I’m happy to enjoy the experience," Klotz said.

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