Milwaukee man charged in death of Tammara Battle

Darius Diamond Morehead was charged with first degree reckless homicide in the death of Tammara Battle. 
Battle died in the 4900 block of North 31 Street on May 13.
Battle was found lying against a building.  An autopsy showed she died from a bullet wound to the right side of her temple. 
There were 13 bullet casings found in the door behind where her body was found. 
A witness told police, Battle let someone in her store to buy clothes on West Cameron Street on the day of the shooting with a name starting \"D.\"
An argument occurred in front of her store between five men with guns in front of Battle, according to the criminal complaint. 
After the argument ended, witnesses started to leave when witnesses heard gunshots. 
After the shooting, Darius told a witness that he had been hiding in the bushes and fired his gun toward the building, in the direction of the victim.
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