Milwaukee Man Arrested Twice 15 Days Apart for Driving Stolen Vehicles

Fifteen days after being arrested for driving a stolen vehicle, a Milwaukee man was arrested again for driving a stolen vehicle.

Raymond Barfield has been charged with escape from custody, obstructing an officer, fleeing or eluding an officer, bail jumping, and second degree reckless endangering safety.

According to the criminal complaint, on September 11, Milwaukee Police noticed three men were applying tint to the windows of a car reported stolen.  Barfield was allegedly caught in the driver’s seat of the stolen vehicle. The defendants attempted to flee the vehicle on foot. An officer grabbed the steering wheel causing the vehicle to crash into garbage cans. After the defendant was arrested, marijuana was found on him.

Then on September 26, Milwaukee Police noticed a car traveling at a high rate of speed. The license plate was listed as stolen and the car was listed as stolen, both by different owners. Police pursued the vehicle. During the pursuit, his headlights were extinguished and he struck two squad cars. The defendant failed to stop at an intersection at N. 23rd Street and W. Nash Street. He collided with a light pole and had to be extradited from the car. 

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