Milwaukee leaders want to 'promote image' of city ahead of DNC

NOW: Milwaukee leaders want to ’promote image’ of city ahead of DNC

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --  Milwaukee got good news this week, when the "Light the Hoan"  project received a $1.2 million donation to cover the bridge in lights.

That puts the group at about $2 million of their $4.5 million goal. Cofounder Ian Abston said it would really allow the city to stand out.

“Lights will sync, and pulsate with live music. The Bucks hit a three pointer, and you’ll see the skyline light up immediately.”

Abston is hopeful they can reach their goal before the DNC.

“There’s drones, there’s helicopters, there’s national coverage everywhere," Abston said. "That is what is going to get the people who are a little bit younger than us to look at Milwaukee and say that’s pretty cool.”

DNC Committee leaders say it’s too early to have specific marketing or beautification teams, but Bucks Vice President Alex Lasry says they do want the national attention to launch the city.

“It’s something that Denver was able to use the convention for, and Charlotte was able to use the DNC convention for is to show businesses that this is a place they want to do business,” Lasry said.

Lasry says that means projecting an image that Milwaukee is a top tier city in the country.

“Young people in particular are choosing the city where they want to live before they’re choosing where they want to work," Lasry said. "And I think what we want to be able to do is show that Milwaukee is a city that everyone wants to come live, work and play in.”

If you want to donate, or learn more about Light the Hoan, click here.

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