Milwaukee leaders discuss anti-harassment policy following complaints against city attorney

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Common Council and the Department of Employee Relations discussed a change in the city's anti-harassment policy. They held a meeting to address giving employee relations the power to hold elected officials responsible for sexual harassment claims. 

This comes after city attorney Tearman Spencer's top four employees resigned from his office. 

Two had only been there for eight months. Thirteen members have resigned since Spencer was sworn in a year ago. 

City leaders say it could be tied to recent sexual harassment complaints made by female staffers. 

"We did, however, find that his actions were inappropriate and unbecoming of his position as a city attorney," said Makda Fessahaye, director for the Employee Relations Department. 

"I did call someone ‘sweetie’ in one of my meetings, I addressed someone as ‘sweetie’, not sweetheart, but ‘sweetie’ and I subsequently apologized for that and did a written apology," said Spencer. 

An ordinance will need to be created by the director of employee relations and sponsors to make changes and take further action.

Then in the next few weeks, it will be voted on by the Milwaukee Common Council. 

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