Milwaukee Lawmaker Asks for Governor to Remove Sheriff Clarke, Governor Says It's Up to the People

NOW: Milwaukee Lawmaker Asks for Governor to Remove Sheriff Clarke, Governor Says It’s Up to the People
Milwaukee -

Governor Scott Walker responded to a challenge to remove Sheriff David Clarke.

The request came from democratic lawmaker David Crowley who said in a lengthy statement that "The comments and actions of the Sheriff are completely unacceptable for any public official and constitute a cause for removal from office."

While making a stop in Milwaukee Monday, the governor put the ball in the people's court. 

"Oh I think any position, be it Sheriff or others, where they are elected by the people they are accountable to the people," explained Governor Walker. :And the only time, historically, a Governor has gotten involved in any of those constitutional offices is if someone's clearly violated the law, that's why it's been rare. In fact in recent years, Governor Doyle had a district attorney where there was some petition to have him take action and that individual ultimately resigned anyway." 

In his statement Monday, Crowley draws a connection between jail under staffing to the recent deaths of three inmates and a fourth death of an inmate's newborn.

Crowley also refers to the nasty social media back and forth between the sheriff and a man who says he was unfairly detained at Mitchell Airport after an encounter with Clarke on board a flight.

Some legal and political observers say a recall is the only way to remove the Sheriff.

Wisconsin knows the process well. The collection and verification of signatures.

Governor Walker prides himself on having survived a recall. But he never brought up a recall in regards to the sheriff on Monday. 

Attorney Mike Maistelman tells CBS 58 News that the Governor could not remove Sheriff Clarke unless he was convicted of a felony.

"Clearly that's not the case," said Maistelman. "The only way from my analysis is the recall statute."  

For as many complaints that come in to CBS 58 News about Sheriff Clarke there appears to be equally the same amount of compliments and requests to leave the Sheriff alone.

Clarke, for his part, has not responded to CBS 58's requests for comments.

He has been known to get his side out through social media.

It is another point of contention among his critics, but something his supporters follow on a daily basis.

As new information becomes available, CBS 58 will share it with you over the air and online. 

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