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Milwaukee Hula Hooper Draws Worldwide Audience

An iPad propped up on an old plastic storage tub, is the simple set up that helped Milwaukee’s Taylor Duffrin flow to Malaysia. Duffrin spent a good chunk of April as an instructor at The Hula Hoop Institute retreat.

“It’s wonderful” Duffrin said. “It’s not only a hooping experience, where you get to learn the skills they use over there, but a cultural experience. They have teachers from all over the world.”

Duffrin is known worldwide as ‘Taylor Flows.’ She has more than 38 thousand people watching her hoop on Instagram.

"Instagram is always kind of a funny thing for me to talk about.” said Duffrin. “I'm naturally an introverted person so having that many people watch me online has been a very, very weird come up in my life."

Three years ago, the 2013 Brookfield East grad didn’t even know how to hula hoop.

"I couldn't even keep it on my waist." she said.

But now she’s a sponsored social media hooper.

"Mostly what happens with sponsorships online is that they pay me in free items.” Duffrin said. “It's not monetary right now. It would be really nice if it was but I'm ok with promoting companies that I really believe in and like their mission."

Taylor Flows believes in hula hooping.

"I just think the world would be a lot better place if everybody hula hooped." she said.

When she’s not hooping, Taylor is an administrative assistant at her parents’ insurance brokerage firm. She says her parents are supportive but they don’t hula hoop themselves, although Taylor has been trying to get them to.

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