Milwaukee Housing Authority and Bublr Bikes Team Up

The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee and Bublr Bikes announced a new partnership to promote equitable use of the bike share system through an innovative outreach effort in two HACM neighborhoods. The announcement was made during the ceremonial grand opening  of the Bublr Bikes station at the corner of 6th Street and Reservoir Avenue near the Townhomes at Carver Park. 

HACM and Bublr Bikes, along with DreamBikes, were recently awarded a $64,000 grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership to support the work. The agencies will provide assistance, encouragement, and events to promote the use of bike share within and around HACM’s Townhomes at Carver Park and Hillside neighborhoods. Key elements of the program include offering a significantly reduced-price Bublr Annual Pass ($8 rather than $80 regular price) and a cash-purchase option to all HACM residents.

“This partnership is a great example of a shared vision for our neighborhoods – and our City - that moves us forward with innovative transportation systems that will benefit all of us now and for future generations to come,” Mayor Barrett said.

“We are thankful to the Better Bike Share Partnership for their support of this effort to extend bike share into neighborhoods challenged by insufficient affordable transportation options,” said Tony Pérez, Secretary-Executive Director of HACM. “Bublr presents our residents with a new transportation option, whether it is to get to and from work, to run errands or for recreation. We are pleased to have this opportunity to partner with Bublr Bikes and DreamBikes to ensure that residents of all incomes can use bike share to connect with the people and activities that are important to them.”

“Bublr Bikes is committed to building a system that is accessible and used by all Milwaukeeans,” said Kevin Hardman, Executive Director of Bublr Bikes. “Our partnership with HACM and DreamBikes is at an exciting beginning of what will be long-term collaboration to build an equitable bike share system.” 

In addition to the station located at 6th Street and Reservoir, Bublr Bikes installed a station last fall at 6th and Galena Streets in the Hillside Terrace public housing development as part of the partnership with HACM.

“The Department of Public Works congratulates HACM and Bublr Bikes on receiving this generous grant,” said DPW Commissioner Ghassan Korban. “DPW, as a proud committed partner in Bublr Bikes, continues to seek additional funding to help bring more bike share locations to the City, spreading out into our many wonderful neighborhoods with each new station.”

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