Milwaukee gives Bird scooters time to have them voluntarily removed

NOW: Milwaukee gives Bird scooters time to have them voluntarily removed


Some people expected the City of Milwaukee to impound Bird scooters on Saturday.

However, Mayor Barrett told CBS 58 News, they're giving the company till the end of this weekend to voluntarily pick them up.

“We’re not going to impound them today or tomorrow, but we had a meeting with Bird representatives late Friday afternoon, and we expect to hear from them as to what their course of action will be," he said.

The electric scooters are available for rent by using an app, but began operating in Milwaukee without a permit in late June. That resulted in the common council passing a measure giving the city authority to impound them.

"Oh, that'd be such a bummer. I don't know -- I'd be really sad if they went away. Not gonna lie," said Casimir Panawash-Bielinski. 

While the city is giving the company some time to voluntarily remove them, some said they'll be glad to see the scooters go.

"If everyone else has to pay permits, they should too. You do it for Uber, you do it for Lyft."

Others said it’s about safety.

"I'm concerned that it's a dangerous vehicle the way its currently used, they are on the sidewalks and they are in the street, and they more or less ignore stop signs," Richard Koenings said.

Bird Rides Inc. has been having the same issues in other cities, operating without permits.

In nearby Chicago, the company reportedly tested its scooters there.

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