Milwaukee Fire Department Takes to Water for Rescue Training

A rescue training session on Friday for the Milwaukee Fire Department, and we're not talking hoses nor hydrants.

This was a rescue dive team drill. They normally do one of these just about every month of the year. This practice centered around two waverunners. The jet skis are on loan from Brookfield motor sports shop \"Don and Roy's.\"

Keep in mind we're talking about the fire department here not the Coast Guard, so water runs are not done daily. In fact, just last year, I'm told they participated in 42 water rescues.

Team members this time had to go through different obstacle courses. Obviously the size of this watercraft helps them in tight spaces compared to larger boats.

There was also a rescue raft on hand today. It's called the Zodiac. Believe it or not the Navy SEALs actually have it as part of their arsenal.

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