"Perfect match:" Milwaukee father saves daughter's life with kidney donation

“Perfect match: “ Milwaukee father saves daughter’s life with kidney donation

(MILWAUKEE) - What's the perfect Father's Day gift? For one Milwaukee dad it wasn't something he received but something he was able to give that ranks above everything else.

Jorge Trejo’s daughter Natasha was just 15 years old when she started to get sick. A few trips to the hospital showed that she was having kidney trouble but because of insurance issues, she was limited for treatment options. By the time she was 20, her kidney issues worsened and she found herself on dialysis for 12 hours a day. Jorge, a Mexican immigrant and a supervising waiter at downtown Milwaukee's popular "Simple Café," recognized the toll her illness was taking on her, both physically and mentally, and was desperate to help his daughter live a better life. He came to Froedtert to see if he could donate a kidney to her, and he heard the words "perfect match."

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning Jacquelyn Abad met a dad who gave his daughter the ultimate gift to ensure her a better life.

Click here for more information about organ donation at Froedtert Hospital.

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