Milwaukee fan's Bucks cut inspired by team, long-time barber

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some Milwaukee fans are going the extra mile to show off their Bucks pride.

A fine example of that is Victor Ramirez.

Check out the hairdo he got done at his favorite barbershop, Flashy Faded.

Ramirez shared with us how this look was inspired by not only the Bucks, but his long-time barber.

"He came up with the idea, he said hey, would you be willing to do the Bucks logo in your hair? I said sure, I didn't know to this extent or color or the perfection he did it, and even while he was doing it outside of the Fiserv on Monday, it was just amazing to see how people were reacting," Ramirez said. 

Ramirez and the mastermind behind the look, Jose Perez, co-owner of the Flashy Faded, say this has been drawing lots of attention to the barbershop and on social media.

They both say they are happy to see so much love and support for the Bucks and Milwaukee.

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