Milwaukee East Side residents fear someone is poisoning neighborhood dogs

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Some residents on Milwaukee’s East Side are worried about a person they say is trying harm dogs in the area. But others say there’s much more to the story.

This ongoing issue is about where dogs can and can’t go. It is related to a connecting lawn and a no trespassing sign in front of the Riverview Apartments. One neighbor believes the man puts down the poisonous items late at night. They’ve called police and dog owners say they’re nervous.

“He came out threw chocolate all over the ground last year and this week he came and spilled pills all over the grass," resident and dog owner Claire Heile said. 

“If it’s not being filmed or you can’t catch him, then what do you do?" neighbor and dog owner Kelsey Gusho said. 
One Riverview resident says that’s not the whole truth. Off camera – he told us people often unleash their dogs on the complex’s grass, and leave feces behind.

Police have no reports of sick dogs but are investigating.

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