Milwaukee County Zoo prepares to welcome new elephant

NOW: Milwaukee County Zoo prepares to welcome new elephant

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An elephant in South Carolina is getting ready for her big move to the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Belle is a 38-year-old African elephant. She's coming to Milwaukee from the Riverbanks Zoo in South Carolina. 

"Elephants are very social animals, they need one another," said a zoo official. "And while people can help stimulate them and provide good care for them, we're not elephants, and they need other elephants to socialize."

That's why Belle is coming here. Her companions in South Carolina recently died, so to make sure Belle has company, she will join the elephants at the Milwaukee County Zoo. 

Trainers are now working to make sure Belle is comfortable enough for the move. The challenge is getting the elephant inside a transport container. 

Belle practices a couple times a day, and elephant manager Andrea Mueller says she's rewarded for her hard work. 

She is expected to arrive in Milwaukee sometime this season. She'll join two other elephants in the zoo's new exhibit.

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