Milwaukee County Executive wants to Create a $60 Wheel Tax

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has proposed a $60 wheel tax in Milwaukee County.

The state has a $75 vehicle registration fee when renewing license plates. The city of Milwaukee has a $20 fee. 

Abele's fee would be added to these. If you live in the city of Milwaukee you would pay $155 and if you live outside the city you would pay $135.

The increase was part of SAVE Transit Plan.

According to a press release, the wheel tax will raise $27 million in revenue per year.

Unlike a sales tax increase, no additional state approval is required for the County to implement a vehicle registration fee.

The $27 million per year generated by a $60 annual VRF will fund all of the County’s transportation infrastructure costs, to include annual bus replacements, and County highway, parkway, and bridge repairs.

According to a release from Abele, by using these funds to fix bridges money will be freed up in the Parks budget.

Abele said in the press release other projects that can begin earlier or be completed sooner because of this cash influx include the KK Parkway, Lake Park Ravine Bridge, bridges in Whitnall Park, and portions of the Oak Leaf, Root River, and Honey Creek Parkways

The revenue generated by the wheel tax will also go towards operating costs related to the GO Pass. 

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