Milwaukee County employee caught stealing money

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office has yet to press criminal charges against a county employee who confessed to stealing about $1,000 from a cash register.

38-year-old Damon Watts admitted to detectives with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office he stole about $1,000 from the Process Unit's cash register over a period of time. Watts began working for Milwaukee County since 2012.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, the district attorney's office is recommending this case be handled as a deferred prosecution case. This means charges will not be issued if Watts abides by the rules set during the deferred prosecution process. 

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke says, \"A deferred prosecution normalizes criminal behavior and removes accountability.\"

UPDATE: The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office says no final charging decisions have been made. This case is currently being reviewed by their Public Integrity Office.

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