Milwaukee County considers growing hemp to generate money

NOW: Milwaukee County considers growing hemp to generate money

Milwaukee County is exploring the possibility of growing hemp as a way to make money.

A resolution was proposed by county Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez to do a study to see if growing hemp near the Mitchell Park Domes could be fiscally beneficial, passed committee.

It would look into growing hemp, hemp seeds, and cannabinoid  oil to bring in revenue for the parks department. 

“The county parks are in very terrible shape, as everybody knows, and we do need revenue for our parks, this could be very lucrative for our county," said Supervisor Sylvia Ortiz-Velez. "You know I can safely say millions, is a real possibility a year. It depends on what information we find out."

The committee approved the motion.

People in the hemp industry also offered their comments.

“Right here in Milwaukee County, Miller Coors has made statements about cannabis infused beer. That research should be done right here in Milwaukee County,” said James Naumann of Wisconsin Hemp Conference. 

However, Milwaukee County Parks Director Guy Smith didn’t seem to support the idea.

“On a point of practicality and logistics though, I do point out with our existing staffing, I’m not sure we have this capacity in the fact that we  some very capable staff, but horticulturally, have been focused on growing plants for the domes.”

The motion resolution will be discussed by the full county board Thursday for consideration.

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