Milwaukee County Chairwoman in midst of controversy

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A local attorney who ran against Milwaukee County Board Chair Marina Dimitrijevic and lost is now accusing her of taking advantage of taxpayers, specifically when it comes to the amount of time she's devoting to her public job.

Joe Trawitski obtained records that show how many times Dimitrijevich used her key card to enter and exit the County Courthouse in recent months.

Trawitski said he heard rumors around the courthouse that some County Supervisors, including Dimitrijevich, were not working enough hours at the courthouse. That motivated him to look further.

"Really, the only proof there is, is the parking lot... so thats where the open requests began," said Trawitski.

Records show Dimitrijevich used her key card to enter and exit the County Courthouse on 16 occassions between April 14th and June 20th. That's a 48 day span.

"We found that she was there on average of 2 hours and 25 minutes... the longest days she was there was on board meetings," said Trawitski.

Dimitrijevich did not want to respond on camera, but sent an email statement to CBS 58 saying ""this is a record for a parking lot, not work on behalf of constituents that I do everyday." She added, "County business is not just done at a desk or in the courthouse."

Trawiski responded to Dimitrijevich's response by saying he didn't expect to find perfect attendance when he obtained these records because it's not realistic. But added that she should be in the building more since much of the business occurs in it.

"Clearly, this is another baseless attack, this time by a defeated opponent of mine," said Dimitrejevich.

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