Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors secures funding for Dontre Hamilton Memorial Bench

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors adopted a proposal, Thursday, May 20, by Supervisor Sequanna Taylor allocating $3,000 to fund a memorial bench and plaque in Red Arrow Park to honor the life of Dontre Hamilton and lift up the importance of mental health care.

Dontre Hamilton was killed during a confrontation with a Milwaukee police officer on April 30, 2014, after Hamilton had been sleeping in Red Arrow Park.

The Dontre Hamilton Memorial Bench will also provide an opportunity to bring attention to mental health awareness.

“The Dontre Hamilton Memorial bench will provide a space of healing for families who have lost loved ones to violence committed by those sworn to protect and serve and bring awareness to mental health issues in our community,” said Supervisor Taylor. “I thank my colleagues on the County Board for their support in this effort. But we must be clear that this memorial does not provide justice for the Hamilton family.”

Hamilton was one of 1.5 million Americans and 20 million people worldwide diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

The Hamilton family has expressed that they would like to use the memorial bench to focus on mental health and healing circles in collaboration and unity with the veteran community.

The Board of Supervisors approved a resolution creating the Dontre Hamilton Memorial Planning Task Force to develop a plan and design for a memorial within Red Arrow Park to honor Mr. Dontre Hamilton in 2015.

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