Milwaukee community tired of reckless driving, voice their frustration

NOW: Milwaukee community tired of reckless driving, voice their frustration

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - The community gathered on the north side Tuesday, Nov. 5, to talk about how to fix the problem of reckless driving.

Alderwoman Mikiya Dodd held a town hall meeting that included lawmakers, the police chief, even a local judge.

It was clear from the comments from people attending, that the Milwaukee community is tired of reckless driving.

“This is something I’m really concerned about,” said Celia Jackson who attended the meeting.

She went to voice her concerns.  “As far as safety goes, this is a hot-button issue. This is like a number one issue concern for people, because we’re all out here driving on these streets,” said Jackson.

“It’s more needed now than ever to have this conversation,” said Alderwoman Dodd. “How do we collectively be accountable, not just policy makers, but the community, in slowing down our traffic?"

Some residents blame the lack of drivers ed courses in schools, or courts being soft on criminals. Dodd says red light cameras are being considered, and even towing cars without a valid license.

“There is really no magic wand to any of this, it’s just a collaborative effort on everyone’s part,” she said.

Jackson said although the town hall Tuesday was a good step in the right direction, she’d like to see more lawmakers involved.  “It just really doesn’t feel like a - I mean I know everybody is concerned about it, but I think a unified effort would be really impactful,” she said.

Chief Alfonso Morales was at the meeting as well.  He said enforcement by police isn’t enough, we need to educate the public about safe driving.

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