Milwaukee community leaders hold public forum on gun regulations

NOW: Milwaukee community leaders hold public forum on gun regulations


Dozens came to Plymouth Church in Milwaukee to talk about how gun violence has impacted their lives, and what they want to see to end it.

Shorewood’s Aleta Chossek says she came to talk about gun violence because her father was murdered in a robbery while closing his store.

“To remember my dad, and honor his life, and not the way he died,” Chossek said.

Community leaders looking to stop violence talked about how to get solutions passed through the legislature.

Rep. David Bowen, D-Milwaukee, says he wants guns out of criminals hands.

“We know that we need to strengthen background checks," Bowen said. "We also know that we need to change the form for people that are selling firearms, so that they know, and they confirm that they have done their due diligence.”

Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin, says it’s a major problem that prosecutors aren’t enforcing the laws already on the books.

"These criminals are figuring out that they can commit these crimes, and nothing is going to happen to them," Sanfelippo said. "And so, when you don’t have any deterrent, punishment is a deterrent for somebody to do something wrong.”

Chossek says she wants change soon, so her grandchildren don’t suffer the same fate as her father.

“I just want to see a change. I just worry about my grandchildren and the world that we’re giving them, and that they’re growing up in.”

Bowen says he hopes to get gun regulation through the legislature during the proposed special session for school safety.

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