Milwaukee community holds vigil, mourns with Charleston

In times of tragedy, the church still stands as a place of comfort, even when its four walls are the direct target of evil.

Milwaukee knows that kind of evil, many parallels were drawn to the Sikh Temple shooting .In response the community decided to mourn together for Charleston at All People's Church, reaching out in love.

\"This individual had to be left out of society to be able to do something like this to not feel connected, to not be given love to be able to show it, so we just want to continue to give love to people,” Nate Hamilton said.

Still, fear of safety remains in the church, the place of refuge. Pastor Steve Jerbi says we must deal with the root issues of violence.

\"Whether than focus on safety in churches and sanctuaries, we need to look at what is causing the threat across the country,\" Jerbi said.

Many point to race and hatred as the core problem.

\"This is not an isolated incident that the violence that people of color face in this country is repeated over and over,\" Jerbi said.

However, despite evil, the church community says they're holding strong to their faith

\"We have to continue to keep our hope in the Lord, like that's all I have, that's all I have and that's all I know and if I let go of that. I'm hopeless,\" Markasa Chambers said.

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