Milwaukee community group warning public to be more cautious after 7 shot, killed this week

NOW: Milwaukee community group warning public to be more cautious after 7 shot, killed this week

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Seven people have been shot and killed so far this week in Milwaukee. It’s a frightening number that has community groups telling the public not to panic but advising people to be more cautious.

Seven people killed this week

  • Monday, three fatal shootings, four people killed
    • 3400 block of North 7th St, a man in early 20’s killed
    • 2600 Block of N. 5th Street, 40-year-old killed
    • Swing Park, 17-year-old and 22-year-old killed
  • Tuesday
    •  One fatal shooting at 5800 Block of W. Townsend Street, 18-year-old killed
  • Wednesday
    • One fatal shooting at 3500 block of W. Clarke Street, 23-year-old killed
  • Thursday
    • Triple Shooting at a gas station on the 2600 block of W. Capitol Drive, 41-year-old killed

In the latest shooting, surveillance video shows the triple shooting at a gas station on Milwaukee’s north side Thursday. Witnesses heard as many as 10 shots fired as then men shot between gas pumps and customers inside ducked behind aisles, fearing for their lives.  A 41-year old man was killed, and a 47-year-old and 48-year old suffered non-life threatening injuries.

More than half of these shootings started after an argument or confrontation.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says it needs to stop.

“You’re never going to solve a dispute using guns. Way too many times in the last few weeks we see people trying to solve their disputes using guns,” Mayor Barrett said. “It’s just insanity.”

Remembering the victims

Many gathered to remember 23-year-old Courtney Jones Friday night. She was shot at killed Wednesday near 35th and Clarke. Her uncle says she will be missed.

“Now she's an angel in the Heaven above with the Heavenly father and she will never be forgotten, never,” Jones’ uncles said.

Community Groups Advise the Public to be Cautious

The group Peace for Change Alliance works to prevent violence in the city. The group is saddened by this week’s violence.

“Funerals after funerals, vigils after vigils; yes, enough is enough,” Member Marvin Taylor said.

They say the public should be more cautious of their surroundings.

“Know who is around you, know what’s going on, pay attention to where you’re going,” Taylor said.

Mayor Barrett says the Milwaukee Police department is working with community groups to stop the violence. Peace for Change Alliance says they’ll continue their outreach on the streets.

“It’s saddening, it’s discouraging, but we can’t just stop trying,” Taylor said.

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