Milwaukee City Hall hosts Girls' Day, offers students chance to network with local women officials

NOW: Milwaukee City Hall hosts Girls’ Day, offers students chance to network with local women officials

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee's City Hall was taken over by young women Tuesday morning, March 22.

These future leaders were introduced to possibilities in public service.

One hundred middle and high school students got a chance to network with local women officials and learn how they, too, can impact their communities. 

"If there weren't women representing other women, men would have to be voices for them, and they don't always know what we want or what we think should be good for the community," said Alisa Flowers, freshman at Brown Deer High School.

To start the day, the students sat in on a city council meeting. They then engaged in panel discussions with elected women officials and other women leading in local public service. 

Girls' Day is the brainchild of Alderwoman Milele Coggs. She was the only woman on council when she was elected in 2008.

Fourteen years later, there are five women on the 15-member council. These alderwomen hope this event inspires the next generation of young influencers.

"Research shows that for women to run for elected office, they kind of have to be asked, whereas our male counterparts see themselves as the leaders they want to be. This is our way of doing the ask early and having young ladies think about it from the very beginning," said Alderwoman Coggs. 

This is the 12th year of Girls' Day at City Hall. The effort is sponsored and co-sponsored by all five women on council.

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