Milwaukee Church Vandalized with "Lil Wayne is Evil" Message Among Others

Police still are seeking suspects following the bad vandalism of a Milwaukee church overnight on Tuesday.

Daycare workers at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church discovered the giant spray paint lettering Wednesday morning. On Thursday the clean-up process was underway.

Most of the spray paint was removed by the afternoon but it took a good amount of power-washing to removes all paint from the 1960s-style stucco.

The red spray paint messages covered almost every outside wall of the building with vaguely religious messages. Some referenced Jesus and Satan.

Another piece of vandalism accused the rapper 'Lil Wayne' of being evil.

Church leaders believe they were targeted because of the religious context of some of the messages but they also say the person who did it was probably making a poor choice or is mentally unstable.

The church does not have surveillance cameras and no witnesses have stepped forward that Pastor Andrew Nyren is aware of.

"A lot of people asked me if we're angry or scared. And I said, more than anything I was sad. You know, this is a special place. We have a lot of people who love this church and we try to be a good part of the community. We really love our neighborhood," Pastor Nyren said.

Insurance will cover most costs of the cleanup but the church will have to pay a $1,000 deductible.

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