Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day babies

We start 'em young in Brewers  County.

Three nurses at the Aurora Women's Pavilion in West Allis have been busy knitting Brewers themed hats for the newborns.

They say it's a perfect fit since so many first happen here from baby's first bath to baby's first Brewers Opening Day.No family has ever turned them down and the baby's seemed very cozy under a homemade hat when CBS 58 popped in for a visit.

\"So far we have over 50 hats,\" Registered Nurse Dawn Tester tell CBS 58 News. \"We expect ten more. So we'll make sure we have enough for everybody to take home.\"

Lovingly crafted, the hats are beautifully adorned with all sorts of symbols for America's past time.  Sure most new moms and dads are picking between blue or pink, but in Milwaukee on this day only Brewers blue and yellow will do.

\"I thought it was cool,\" said new father and Brewers fan Russ Heinz. \"I thought it was unique. Especially with it being opening weekend. Our daughter's name is Bernardette. We call her Bernie for short. I never put two and two together until my wife explained it to me.\"

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