Milwaukee bars serving up non-alcoholic cocktails, as 'sober curious' movement gains popularity

NOW: Milwaukee bars serving up non-alcoholic cocktails, as ’sober curious’ movement gains popularity

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The 'sober curious' movement is gaining popularity in the Brew City, and local bars are keeping up with the demand.

As more people take part in the 'sober curious' movement, Milwaukee’s Merriment Social is seeing a demand for zero-proof cocktails. Each one of the cocktails is made with precision, even if the drinks are missing the one key ingredient, alcohol.

“You don't have to be that one person in the group who's just nursing a soda, you can have your fancy pink drink,” said Merriment Social's Beverage Director, Joe Lowery.

Some people have joined the sober curious movement by trying a dry month or quitting drinking altogether. A 2017 survey found one-third of people want to cut back their alcohol consumption.

At Hotel Madrid, they say it takes just as much time and effort to craft their non-alcoholic cocktails, which allows their sober customers to say ‘cheers’ with a drink that looks and tastes as good as everyone else’s.

“Someone who doesn't drink should be able to have a cocktail that's just as curated than some of our other drinks,” said Kyle Yost, Bar Manager of Hotel Madrid.

Punch Bowl Social also has plenty of drinks for their sober customers. The restaurant has 13 non-alcoholic cocktails on its menu, making everyone feel welcome whether they’re sober or not.

“It's important they can be part of that experience and part of that fun, regardless of their beverage option,” said Katharine Foley, of Punch Bowl Social.

Joe Lowery, the Merriment Social Beverage Director, shows us their non-alcoholic craft cocktails:

Kyle Yost, the Bar Manager of Hotel Madrid, shows us their non-alcoholic craft cocktails:

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