Milkwaukee Milkmen postpone game after player tests positive for COVID-19

NOW: Milkwaukee Milkmen postpone game after player tests positive for COVID-19

FRANKLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Another sports team has been impacted by the coronavirus. The Milwaukee Milkmen postponed their game Sunday, July 5 after a player on one of the teams tested positive.

For health privacy reasons, Milwaukee Milkmen Owner Mike Zimmerman, did not disclose which player has the virus. The team apologized to fans on social media. 

Sunday would been game three of the series between the Milwaukee Milkmen and the Chicago Dogs, but the Coronavirus, forced other plans.

"I really don’t like that because they were getting ready to go in the street," said Milkmen fan, Devrion Cook-Jiles. 

Mike Zimmerman told CBS 58 they found out Sunday morning and postponed the game. 

"I think it's responsible of them to do that," said Kelly Wehrenberg, fan. 

Now, players on both teams -- and their closest contacts -- will be tested. At this point, fans should not be worried. Zimmerman said fan experience elements were not impacted, and, the stadium is disinfected each day.

"I think they should continue to keep disinfecting as they move in and out," Cook-Jiles said.

The team is also working with its own medical staff and the Franklin Health Department as a further precaution.

"As long as they’ve done everything that they were saying that they were going to be doing with cleaning everything safe for the fans and the other players, it’s a good thing," said Wehrenberg. 

The team is set to play against The Chicago Dogs on Tuesday, July 7 in Rosemont, Illinois.

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