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Milestone reached! First roof trusses for new Milwaukee Bucks stadium are raised in place

A big milestone in construction here at the new Bucks arena.  As the big trusses start to go up, they'll make up the roof of the arena, nine all the way across.

"If you equate it to your house, you know everybody likes the open concept living now and so basically if you see that beam to enable that open concept, that's what we're doing here. Trusses allow you to not have any columns in the middle and get that open court to play in," said Project Engineer of Mortenson Ellen Becker.

This milestone coming as Minnesota Vikings stadium officials say they're concerned about leaky walls and loose panels at their new $1.1 billion facility. That facility's general contractor, the same general contractor here, M.A. Mortenson.

“ We don't have any concerns. I mean, what we're doing is kind of completely different. We're kind of on industry standard. We're not using a customized solution on our surfaces and on our roof whereas Minnesota kind of went a different direction. So, we're beyond confident at where we are. We take it very seriously on a public-private partnership. We've got an army of people that inspect this every day just to make sure we're on course,” said Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin.

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