Mild & Muggies for this week, but the 90s are gone -- for now

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--Mother Nature has her mind set with this forecast.  It's summer all the way.  After a four-day stretch of 90 degree temperatures, we'll settle in the 80s for much of this week.  And with the humidity, it'll feel every bit of summertime.  The chance is also there for showers and thunderstorms.  Today, it's because of low pressure to the south, sending moisture our way.  And then Tuesday into Wednesday, it's a lake breeze that could touch off some scattered activity.  Not everyone will see the storms though.  Rainfall amounts, collectively speaking, will be between 1/4" and 1/2" with some getting more.  We still need the moisture.  We're at least a half a foot below normal for precipitation for the year.

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