Middle school students reaching out to stabbing victim

WAUKESHA-The  Go-Fund-Me- page set up to raise money for a 12 year old stabbing victim's medical expenses has already raised more than $31,000.

Of course those donations will help, but the family is also asking for purple hearts filled with kind messages for their daughter.

A local group is now inviting the community to take part.

The executive director for Waukesha Community Arts Project off South Street in Downtown Waukesha is hosting  a gathering Friday night where children can come in and make purple hearts.

\"All I want them to do is bring their concern, their love, their prayers and their care for each other and their care for her,\" Paige Remmers told CBS 58 News.

\"We provide free art after school for middle schoolers students. We have been hearing their confusion with what has been happening--to have it happen to someone their age, it has to be very confusing for them. I hope this brings them some peace and give them a way to talk about this.\"

CBS 58's Lila Carrera has more.


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