Mid-April snowfall ruins travel plans, hundreds of drivers stuck on roads

NOW: Mid-April snowfall ruins travel plans, hundreds of drivers stuck on roads

The mid-April snowfall caused hundreds of crashes, slide offs and vehicles stuck in ditches. Even with conditions improving on highways, the snowfall disrupted plans for many.

Waukesha County grandparents Steve and Connie Vaughn were late to drop off their granddaughter to her parents at their meet-up spot in Racine County.

“I'll admit I didn't shovel my driveway today until my car got stuck in it like three times trying to get out,” Steve Vaughn said.

Connie was supposed to head to Minneapolis Sunday morning, but didn’t make the trip.

“Icy last night and snowing and it was snowing a lot on the way up to Minneapolis so a no go and they got 15 inches up there,” Connie Vaughn said.

Many professional truck drivers are spending Sunday night at a Racine County rest stop.

“And then I’ll get out there tomorrow. Basically I hope it cleans up, but it is what it is. Mother Nature you can’t fight it,” Professional Driver Timothy Hicks said.

Another driver got stuck out on the road and called it quits.

“Rather spend the extra day here then getting in an accident and hurting someone,” Professional Driver Chris McKneely said.

From 10 p.m. Saturday to Sunday afternoon, hundreds of drivers were stuck out on the roads. In Milwaukee County, there were 72 crashes and 10 injuries reported. There were also 59 disabled vehicles on the road. In Waukesha County, there were 60 crashes and 112 vehicles stuck in ditches.

Professional truck drivers warn regular drivers to keep their distance, especially in these conditions.

“Professional drivers they do slow down, they watch this stuff, I just wish the four wheelers, the cars, would get their head around that too,” Hicks said.

As for Connie she’s hoping for a safe trip to Minneapolis, and to say, ‘Good Riddance, winter.’

“Wasn't too bad until this last snow, and then I said this has got to be over,” Connie said. “April's drunk it's time to get sober.”

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