MFD wants you to brush up on fire prevention & safety this 'Burn Awareness Week'

NOW: MFD wants you to brush up on fire prevention & safety this ’Burn Awareness Week’

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Don't get burned and keep your house from catching on fire.  Just a few things to think about during "Burn Awareness Week" happening right now.  I enlisted the help of the Milwaukee Fire Department to assist me with these goals.  In terms of getting burned, I learned it's best to keep pot and pan handles pointed away from you so they can't easily be banged by a child or pet.  Also, it's important to make certain there's a three foot barrier, imaginary or not, between the stove and young children and animals. 

In terms of preventing fires, it's vital to make sure your power strips aren't overloaded with plugs. Major appliances should always be plugged directly into a wall receptacle outlet.  Extension cords and plug strips shouldn't be used.  Along the same lines, the experts say there should only be one heat-producing appliance plugged into an outlet at any given time.

A few other important items.  Make sure you have a family exit plan during a house fire and meet in one designated spot. Also remember to keep your door closed before you dose.  Even a wooden door can block fire and smoke from entering a room.  And finally, never go back into a burning building.  The Milwaukee Fire Department has an extensive guide when it comes to fire prevention and safety.  Just click here for additional information.  Also, there's a Smoke Alarm Hotline you can call if you live in the city of Milwaukee and are in need of a smoke detector. Detectors should be on every level of your home, by the way. The number to call is 414-286-8980.  The department will even install them for you. 

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