MFD investigating rubbish fire at Alter Metal Recycling

NOW: MFD investigating rubbish fire at Alter Metal Recycling

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee Fire Department is investigating a fire at a scrap metal yard in Milwaukee.

Crews were at the scene at Alter Metal Recycling near 16th and Bruce Thursday morning, May 13.

Firefighters say they responded to the rubbish fire after police reported heavy smoke from that area.

The fire was contained within an hour. 

Although serious, the fact it was in a junkyard helped prevent it from spreading too much.

"So the flames, while they looked pretty intense, and the black smoke was very toxic, everyone could see it from miles away. From a firefighting standpoint, it was relatively contained to just that pile," said MFD Battalion Chief Joel Rechlitz. 

Firefighters say there were no injuries reported and no major damage.

They also say rubbish fires are common this year, following an earlier fire at this same plant in April. 

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